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RDF SemSpect

RDF SemSpect is a scalable data-guided no-code tool for visual exploration and querying of RDF knowledge graphs. It uses a client-server architecture with an HTML5/JavaScript UI and a Java REST Spring Boot backend. It is based on derivo SemStore, a fast and memory-efficient RDF store with RDFS, owl:equivalentProperty, owl:inverseOf and owl:SymmetricProperty entailment. SemStore uses optimized index structures that enable SemSpect to handle large and complex graphs of RDF instance data.

To run RDF SemSpect, you only need to index your RDF input files once. After the generated indices have been persisted on disk, you can efficiently load them into memory and start the exploration in your preferred web browser. SemSpect also processes knowledge graph annotations and supports various RDF formats, including RDF/OWL, Turtle-star, and HDT.

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