Buy a License

Buy a License #

Remark: the following information is subject to change without notice.

The commercial licenses of the SemSpect Graph App are targeted at different usage scenarios with monthly or yearly subscription.

Desktop License #

Desktop licenses address the one user with multiple DBMSs scenario.

  • The logical choice for Neo4j Desktop users.
  • The Free license is active by default, the Basic or Pro versions can be activated by adding a license key to Neo4j Desktop.
  • The Pro license grants data stewards unrestricted access to any shared DBMSs having a SemSpect plugin installed.
  • The Neo4j Desktop licenses are for personal use only and are neither transferable nor shareable between individuals.

Server License #

Server licenses address the one DBMS with multiple users scenario.

  • The logical choice for teams working on a shared DBMS (floating license).
  • The SemSpect App runs in Neo4j Desktop as well as in any standard web browser.
  • The license key and plugin are installed on the Neo4j server
  • The available SemSpect features are configurable per user and/or role.
  • The pricing is based on the number of shared DBMSs and number of concurrent users.
  • The license is valid for one productive and one development DBMS

Pricing Overview #

0 € Early adopter*
60 €/month
or 600 €/year

80 €/month
or 800 €/year
Early adopter*
120 €/month
or 1200 €/year

160 €/month
or 1600 €/year
Early adopter*
from** 240 €/month
or 2400 €/year

from 320 €/month
or 3200 €/year
  • Neo4j Desktop App
  • limited feature set
  • local DBMSs only
  • Neo4j Desktop App
  • full user feature set
  • local DBMSs only
  • e-mail support

  • Neo4j Desktop App
  • full user feature set
  • local & remote DBMSs
  • e-mail support

  • Web Browser App
  • full user feature set
  • remote DBMS
    (floating licenses)
  • admin tools
  • priority e-mail support
* before April 2022

The price of the server license depends on the number of concurrent sessions required:

Number of concurrent sessions 1 3 10 unlimited
Price 320 €/month
3200 €/year

2400 €/year*
560 €/month
5600 €/year

4200 €/year*
960 €/month
9600 €/year

7200 €/year*
Contact us
* before April 2022

If none of the standard packages meet your requirements, or if you are planing a bulk order, please contact us at

Feature matrix #

Feature Free Basic Pro Team
Access local DBMSs
Full exploration and filter functions
Full exploration and details configuration
SemSpect labels ◯ (max. 3)
Saving explorations ◯ (max. 3)
Export data tables as CSV
Export exploration as image
Export cypher queries
Access remote DBMSs
User privileges configuration
Server-sided commands**
Floating license model
** in preparation