Data Privacy

Data Privacy Statement #

Neo4j SemSpect deployment modes #

This version of SemSpect (also referred to as “the Software”) can be deployed either as a (i) Graph App hosted by Neo4j Desktop or as a (ii) Server Extension hosted by a Neo4j graph database management system (DBMS). In case of (i) the Software consists of a plugin manager and an exploration user interface (UI) both running on the same computer as Neo4j Desktop and a backend running as a Neo4j plugin on the computer where the Neo4j DBMS is located. The plugin manager accesses the filesystem via java programs for plugin installation and loading of the exploration interface. The plugin manager checks the plugin status of all local DBMS in order to install, remove or update the plugin on user request and loads the exploration UI from the plugin of the active DBMS. In case of (ii) the Software is deployed as a Neo4j server extension and runs on the same computer as the Neo4j DBMS. The exploration UI is hosted by the Neo4j database web server (or alternatively by a separate web server) and runs locally in the user’s web browser.

What data is stored in SemSpect during and after usage? #

Your privacy matters to us. During usage and in case of (i) the Software searches the plugin directories of the local DBMS for installed plugins of the Software and stores their version. In both cases it extracts and stores data contained in the license key for the Software (if provided) during usage, solely for license validation purposes (namely licensee, license scope, expiration date and license id). After usage, data is stored in the Software as well as in the respective Neo4j DBMS as result of the users input related to gaining access to the DBMS, setting the Software’s preferences or filling name and description fields when saving explorations or user-defined “SemSpect” labels. All this data (also referred to as “User Provided Data”) is technically required to reasonably operate the Software.

Where is this data stored and is there any data exchange? #

Data related to the Software installation and usage is stored in the local storage of the GUI framework of Neo4j Desktop (Electron) in case of deployment option (i), or in the local storage of the web browser used in case of deployment option (ii). The User Provided Data is stored locally in the local storage of either the Neo4j Desktop GUI framework (i) or web browser (ii) as well as in the active Neo4j DBMS and its associated directories. The Neo4j DBMS can be located on a remote server in case of (i) as well as (ii). The User Provided Data is not protected against accidental loss or unauthorized access. Any person with access to the user’s Neo4j Desktop instance in case of (i), the user’s web browser in case of (ii), the plugins installation directories or the Neo4j DBMS in both cases can also access this data. The Software does not exchange, share, or synchronize any User Provided Data with any application outside of Neo4j Desktop or the Neo4j Graph Database.

In this respect the Software does not collect or use personal data that are subject to your approval under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How can I delete any stored data? #

You can remove any User Provided Data from the local storage of the Neo4j Desktop browser (i) or web browser (ii) via SemSpect -> Settings -> Reset local. You can remove User Provided Data from the Neo4j DBMS and its file system via SemSpect -> Settings -> Reset graph data. Remark: depending on the DBMS settings, the name chosen for user-defined labels might persist in the database logs.

The user has to be aware that these operations are only possible when the DBMS is active. Copies of the DBMS created by the user, a backup job or by the Neo4j upgrade process are not affected by these operations.

Who we are #

The Software is a product of derivo GmbH, Olgastr. 143, 89073 Ulm, Germany. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about privacy at

Version: March 28th, 2024