Release Notes

Release notes of the SemSpect RDF Server #

14.0.0-beta (2024-01-23) #

  • Breaking: Renaming of spring server options
  • New: SemSpect specific JDK options can be set using the environment variable SEMSPECT_JDK_OPTIONS
  • New: SemSpect server path be set using the parameter server.servlet.context-path
  • New: Load rdf dump file from URL
  • Experimental: Show top class in class tree
  • Experimental: Show classes and properties as resources
  • Improved: Better hints on missing or misuse of script arguments
  • Fixed: Script fails to start SemSpect with JDK version >= 19
  • Fixed: Floats displayed as integers in object dossier

13.0.1-beta (2023-12-28) #

  • First beta release with dedicated in-memory RDF store (SemStore)