Known Issues

Known Issues of the SemSpect Neo4j Graph App #

This page contains information about all known issues of the latest release of the SemSpect Graph App.

Missing Credentials with Remote DBMSs #

When SemSpect is used with a remote DBMS, it may complain about missing credentials:
Missing credentials
In this case make sure that your Neo4j Desktop is set up to store passwords:
Settings Store passwords

NO_VALUE Error during Filter Operation #

Due to an issue in databases version 4.0.0 to 4.0.8 and 4.1.0 to 4.1.3 , the filter operations in the details of a group might fail if there is no value given for some attributes of some objects, although the same data in a database version 3.5, 4.0.9 or 4.1.4 work as expected.

Filtering with empty values 1
Filtering with empty values 2


  • Recommended: update your database to version 4.0.9+ or 4.1.4+
  • If not possible:
    • use specific filters on the columns without missing vaue
    • if a multi-column filter is required, hide the columns that have missing values
    • if you have to filter on a column with missing values, give the objects an empty/dummy value if that is acceptable for your model
      Filtering with empty values 3

Data out of sync with first custom category creation after upgrade to DBMS version 4.3 #

Due to a modification in the transaction handling with Neo4j version 4.3, the first creation of a custom category after upgrade from another version will respond as if the graph data was out of sync. In this case refresh SemSpect as requested, it will happen only once.

Context Menus not working #

Due to an issue with the older Electron browser used by Neo4j Desktop prior version 1.4.6, some UI interactions do not work after loading or reloading SemSpect (context menus, etc.).


  • Recommended: update Neo4j Desktop to a version ≥ 1.4.6.
  • If not possible, each time SemSpect is loaded click anywhere outside of the SemSpect window and then in the SemSpect window again.